NC3 Profile 

National Cybersecurity Competence Centre has been established in response to growing demands for practically applicable products and solutions for ensuring cybersecurity of critical and noncritical information infrastructures.


The centre connects excellent research departments and representatives from long-operated industries focused on cybersecurity to accomplish collaborative research and to develop technical solutions in cybersecurity on the level of hardware and software, and certification mechanics of safety attributes of technological products.

In cooperation with industry partners, the centre will endeavour for applying developed solutions on still growing cybersecurity market. This will empower the importance of Czech industry and research on the European and global level.

Visions and goals

The vision of NC3 is to unite involved parties´ research activities in a manner, where individual research institutions could realise research in cooperation with consideration of multidisciplinary nature of the cybersecurity problematic and with cooperation with industry in order to produce practically applicable research results in high quality with significant market potential.

The strong connection between the Centre's activities and industry is accented by the involvement of important partners from application sphere. Partners will participate in research and guide it towards producing results usable into practice, and also apply those results on relevant markets.

Centre´s activities will improve the effectiveness of researches with regard to the applicability of its outcomes; it will enhance the competitiveness of all partners, both in the excellent research area and on the cybersecurity products and services market. It will also lead toward synergic effects with all-society impact.

Centre´s will contribute to reaching those strategic goals which are considered as the key goals by the Czech Republic and European Union.

Market potential and products´ applicability are considered as very high as well. Demands for organizational, technical and law solutions for ensuring cybersecurity in organizations, states or international societies are truly intensive and they still keep growing.


This research is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR) project "National Centre of Competence in Cybersecurity" (Project Identification TN01000077).

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